How to Get a 1xbet Promo Code From ProTipster

How to Get a 1xbet Promo Code From ProTipster

Do you want to make the most from your online betting? One way to do that is to use bonuses and promotions to get free bets! At ProTipster we can offer 1xbet promo codes to help you win more money with our online betting partners, 1xbet. These bonuses and promotions are limited by time and availability so read on to find out how you can take advantage of them.

Is it hard to do?

Getting a 1xbet promo code from Protipster is easy – as long as you visit the ProTipster website regularly. We’ve put this short article together to help you find the different ways you can claim your promo codes and bonuses from ProTipster to help you improve your betting profits.

The simplest and easiest way to get promo codes from bookies like 1xbet is to use the ProTipster website. Every single time you post a tip or add a coupon, you earn ProTipster coins. These coins can then be used in our shop to buy bookie bonuses – so get posting and start earning those coins.

To be eligible for a promotional bonus or similar you have to match your online bookie account with your ProTipster user ID. This is easy to do – and ensures you’re able to get full benefits of the bonuses we offer – and we’ll even give you more ProTipster coins when your matching is successful.

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Emails and Social Media

Another way to get bonuses and codes for free bets from bookies like Bet88 is to follow our social media channels. We’re active on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and we will occasionally give offers out to our followers. If you’re not subscribed to our YouTube account, a member of our Facebook groups or a follow our twitter account you won’t know – so get following now. You can find all the links to these accounts in the webpage footer.

Likewise, we also offer 1xbet promo codes via our newsletters. This means that not only do you get fantastic expert tips and coupons from our staff every day in your inbox, but sometimes you’ll also receive links to get free bets from our partner bookmakers. If you don’t check your inbox though – you’ll never know! You can subscribe to our newsletters by going to your settings page, which you can find by clicking your avatar and looking through the menu.

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